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What Is HVLS Fan?

HVLS fan is a high volume low-speed fan or known also as “HVLS Fan”. In Malaysia, we called it as Giant Fan It is a mechanical fan that has a larger size than normal fan starting from diameter 8 ft (2.4 m) until 24 ft (7.4 m). Giant HVLS fans rotate slowly and produce a high volume amount of wind at a low rotation speed. Thus, the name is called “HVLS”.

HVLS fan is divided into two categories which are for industrial and commercial use. For the category of industrial, air conditioning often cost expensive or impractical. So, HVLS fan is a better solution by installed it in the space such as warehouses, factories and production centre and distribution centre also. HVLS fan can block high heat pressure and increase the comfort of employees and improve worker productivity.

What Is HVLS Fan

HVLS fan also used in commercial space, where air conditioning is more commonly used, but the increase in air movement from a ceiling fan can help increase the comfort level effectively. Standard commercial categories including shopping malls, mosques, Hall, Office, a home, airport terminal, fitness centre, tourist attraction and schools.

High volume:

  • The blade has a longer length and wider to produce more wind.
  • The wind did much sought and was shot down.
  • Wind shot to go down to the bottom floor horizontally will affect the entire area.

Low Speed:

  • The movement of the soft wind as natural wind and non-intrusive wind.
  • Sounds almost silently.
  • Low fan rotation Speed can reduce the cost of energy consumption of electricity needed to operate the fan.
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