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7 Benefit Of Grande Series


Quite & Comfort

Engineered with your comfort in mind, the Suria HVLS Fan are equipped with Italy Technology that produces zero-backlash assembly process and gear grinding technique it generates minimal noise that maximizes your experience.

Energy Efficient

With high technology, Suria HVLS Fan can easily save 70% of energy compared to regular ceiling fans. Our technology enables customers of Suria HVLS Fan to have recovery of their investment while enjoying the other benefits of Suria HVLS Fan.

Friendly Design

Our company have your health in mind. With a technology that co-exists with your well-being, we ensure we used RoHS compliant technology to run the Suria HVLS Fan. We ensure no Hazardous Subtances is emanating from our fan.

Smarter Technology

Suria Fan are compliant with EMI, RFI, Protection, RoHS Certificates. Possibility to manage and control our Suria HVLS Fans with a unique WiFi Technology.

Maintenance Free

The motor is designed and built for industrial use. No need to maintain or change the gear oil. Very durable, dust and dirt resistant and has a long shelf life.

Grande Series Pakar HVLS Fan, Suria Giant HVLS Fan Merupakan Pakar Kipas Gergasi Masjid, Kipas Kilang, Kipas Gudang, Kipas Besar, Big Fan, Kipas Ceiling Besar.

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