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Most Silent Gear Motor Ever Build

The Best Performance for The Price


Made In Malaysia

All parts are made in Malaysia but our motor and inverter are imported from Austria.

High Quality Low Price

We have a very low cost for our giant fan. Price has always been, and will always be, a significant indicator of quality, so making a high-quality product affordable and value is a fine line to walk.

Ready Spare Part

Having replacement parts immediately available when an original part malfunctions or wears out. Possessing good quality spare parts can offer several benefits across several levels of operations.

Silent Gear Motor

Our giant fan is ultra quiet during stable running. Sound signature of less than 35dB. Giant fan operate silently and efficiently requiring no maintenance for years to come.

Sweating Slab Syndrome

Controlling the air in the room is not very difficult though. Regulation of humidification will help you protect you and your kids from unwanted illnesses and reduce humidity, moisture and bacteria.

Increase Productivity

Productivity will improve when they work in comfortable environment. When employees choose a space that makes them comfortable, give them the freedom to customize their area.

Euro Series Pakar HVLS Fan, Suria Giant HVLS Fan Merupakan Pakar Kipas Gergasi Masjid, Kipas Kilang, Kipas Gudang, Kipas Besar, Big Fan, Kipas Ceiling Besar.

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