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Why Use Giant Fan - Bagaimanakah Meningkatkan Produktiviti Pekerja Dan Mewujudkan Tempat Kerja Yang Lebih Selesa Kepada Pekerja

Why Use Giant Fan & 3 Ways On How To Increase Employee Productivity And Create A More Comfortable Workplace For Employees

Why Use Giant Fan?

Hot weather throughout Malaysia, workers are prone to ‘illness’ due to the heat exceeding 36 degrees every day. And this will also cause their productivity to decrease due to hot conditions and reduce workplace efficiency.

HVAC and other cooling systems do not have the opportunity to attract patients and often work too much when the condition begins to heat up. Manufacturing and production facilities, warehouses and other workplaces can expend large amounts of energy just making workers feel comfortable on a hot day – and this can be a huge business expense.

Why Use Giant Fan? One of the above solutions is to use Suria Giant Fans which is recognized throughout the Malaysian industry, recommended by the company, to install several Suria Giant Fans to distribute air more effectively and maintain consistent climatic conditions. Here are three ways a Suria Giant Fan, up to 7.3m (24 Feet) in this hot workplace can do:


• Cooler workers

Studies show that comfortable workers are safer and more productive. And in hot weather countries, cooler workers are comfortable workers. The addition of airflow can make people feel 5.6 ° C colder in the summer months.

• Energy saving

Using Suria Giant Fans is far more energy-efficient than using some overhead fans or industrial fans. It also uses less energy than using HVAC throughout warehouses or production plants. In fact, one Euro Series fan – one of the most economical and economical Suria Giant fans – provides cooling in the same area as 80 standard ceiling fans. Alternatively, Suria Giant Fans can be used in conjunction with the HVAC system, to reduce tension on these hard-working refrigerators and distribute the cold air they pump out better.

• Better hygiene

Giant fans move air throughout space, including in and around objects, such as machines and products. This airflow pattern ensures that air reaches all corners of the building for optimal cooling. This is really a triple gain – more productive workers, lower energy bills, and reduced product quality risk are reduced. Businesses can even apply for energy-saving rebates, as Solar Giant Fans are more efficient than standard alternatives.

Why Use Giant Fan

Suria Giant Fans provide energy-efficient cooling solutions for a variety of industrial and commercial needs, including indoor and outdoor use, with a fan located on the ceiling, or stand-alone stand.

Why Use Giant Fan, Starting from the top.

The largest, strongest and most durable network, the Euro Series overhead fan, is backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty and equipped with European technology. Using a large overhead fan instead of a few floor fans on the floor not only provides more effective cooling but at the same time frees up more floor space, enabling better use of space. A tightly closed gearbox ensures pollution does not come out, which means the gearbox does not require maintenance. For smaller fan needs, Suria Giant Fans Euro Series is up to 4.3m (24 Feet) in diameter and can operate on ceilings as low as 3.8 meters. Silent operation is perfectly suited for spaces that try to reduce noise for employees, or for their neighbours.

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