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Kempen Beli Barangan Buatan Malaysia 2020

Buy Malaysia Product Campaign 2020

YAB Prime Minister on 5 June 2020 during the presentation of the National Economic Regeneration Plan (PENJANA) emphasized on the Government’s initiative to empower and expand the implementation of the Malaysian Goods Purchase Campaign (KBBM) in an effort to stimulate and revitalize domestic economic growth through retail sector of RM10 million. To complete the implementation of KBBM, KPDNHEP also organized KJM 2020 simultaneously as one of the comprehensive initiatives to restore (revive) and revitalize the retail sector in the country. KBBM and KJM 2020 initiatives are seen to be able to increase domestic demand, especially for restore the country’s economy affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The objectives of organizing the KJM 2020 program are as follows:

Stimulate the growth of the domestic economy by increasing the purchase of local goods while helping the industry boost the activities of the affected retail sector during the PKP period. Restore the confidence of buyers and consumers to go out shopping and increase household spending affected by the implementation of PKP. Promote the use of MySales Tracker online application developed by KPDNHEP to the industry and consumers to facilitate access to information related to cheap sales activities that are and will be implemented throughout the country.

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