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New Product

Gearless Technology

With gearless technology, the Grande Series produces an unheard-of sound, in line with the focal area.

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The All New

For Cost Efficiency, Comfort and Green Technology

The technology used in the Euro Series reduces power consumption by 70% compared to ordinary ceiling fans for large coverage areas.

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Natural Wind

  • Very comfortable wind resembling the natural wind.
  • Wind speed is between 2-3 metre/second.
  • Distributes air up to 20,000 sq. ft corner to corner.


  • Improve air quality
  • Eliminating heat stress due its wind's cooling effect feature
  • Remove odour

Energy Savings

  • Cost of electricity ranging from RM 0.30 to RM 0.70 per hour.
  • One unit of 24' fan is capable to produce wind that is equivalent to the use of 30-40 regular ceiling fans.

Maintenance Free

  • Cleaning of blades from dust and dirt needs is to be done every six (6) months or once a year.
  • Inspection on safety cable, bolts, nuts and support structure needs to be done annually.

The New 6-Blade Suria Giant HVLS Fan

HVLS can be defined as a high volume of air generated by low speed of fan rotation. HVLS technology works based on a principle that slow moving air is more efficient than fast moving air. By using "floor jet circulation", our HVLS fan moves air down and out in all directions hence spreading the air across the floor, up the walls and back to the fan blades.

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